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NVidia Tiny Linux Kernel and TrustZone The NVidia Tiny Linux Kernel (TLK), is 23K lines of BSD licensed code, which supports multi-threading, IPC and thread scheduling and implements TrustZone features of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). It is based on the Little Kernel for embedded devices Overview of Little Kernel, which performs hardware initialization, such as setting up vector table, MMU, cache, initialize peripherals, storage, USB, crypto, etc SPDs for the OP-TEE Secure OS, NVidia Trusted Little Kernel and Trusty Secure OS. A Trusted Board Boot implementation, conforming to all mandatory TBBR requirements. This includes image authentication, Firmware Update (or recovery mode), and packaging of the various firmware images into a Firmware Image Package (FIP)

Root of Trust (Secure Storage)-TPM Security Features Ease of Management Good (for connected device) + Device Authentication + Integrity Protection + Integrity Report Trusted Boot O Root of Trust Good + Easy to update OS image without modifying Bootloader Root of Trust (Signer's public key) Secure Boot O O (by signature) Root of Trust (Reference Value) The LK embedded kernel. An SMP-aware kernel designed for small systems. See https://github.com/littlekernel/lk for the latest version. See https://github.com/littlekernel/lk/wiki for documentation. Builds. To build and test for ARM on linux. install or build qemu. v2.4 and above is recommended. install gcc for embedded arm (see note 1 Defines Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) common Trusted Application (TA) service attributes. Crypto Service Defines APIs for Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) crypto services. Crypto Service Manager Defines APIs for managing Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) crypto services. Interface Defines Trusted Application (TA) services declarations and functions

Trusty extends technology made available with the development of the Little Kernel (LK). LK is designed to provide OS primitives like threads and mutexes in a simple, lightweight package Trusted Firmware-A. Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) is a reference implementation of secure world software for Arm A-Profile architectures (Armv8-A and Armv7-A), including an Exception Level 3 (EL3) Secure Monitor. It provides a suitable starting point for productization of secure world boot and runtime firmware, in either the AArch32 or AArch64 execution states Enumerator; OTE_SUCCESS Indicates the operation was successful. OTE_ERROR_NO_ERROR Indicates the operation was successful. OTE_ERROR_GENERIC Indicates an unspecified.

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AArch64 SPDs for the OP-TEE Secure OS and [NVidia Trusted Little Kernel] NVidia TLK. A Trusted Board Boot implementation, conforming to all mandatory TBBR requirements. This includes image authentication using certificates, a Firmware Update (or recovery mode) boot flow, and packaging of the various firmware images into a Firmware Image Package (FIP) to be loaded from non-volatile storage. The. SPDs for the OP-TEE Secure OS and [NVidia Trusted Little Kernel] NVidia TLK. A Trusted Board Boot implementation, conforming to all mandatory TBBR requirements. This includes image authentication using certificates, a Firmware Update (or recovery mode) boot flow, and packaging of the various firmware images into a Firmware Image Package (FIP) to be loaded from non-volatile storage. Support for. little kernel做为Android系统的bootloader,最早用google工程师实现,其后由高通,MTK等芯片厂商做了各自平台的适配。 lk的主要功能: 初始化硬件模块,如时钟,中断,UART,USB,LCD,PMIC,eMMC/UFS等。 更新cmdline。其中重要的是区分启动模式。 选择和更新device tree。 设置好系统状态,跳转到..

  1. i kernel. It's about half the size of a regular popcorn kernel. It's a kernel that when popped is almost hulless which means nothing gets stuck.
  2. Revert security: tlk: enable CONFIG_TRUSTED_LITTLE_KERNEL This reverts commit c8a04599c6bb577e00795e0ae23166bf31ac60b6. Bug 200346933 Change-Id.
  3. `Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) Dispatcher` _ `Trusty Dispatcher` _ System Design and Components-----`Arm CPU Specific Build Macros` _ `Arm SiP Services` _ `Authentication Framework & Chain of Trust` _ `CPU Reset` _ `EL3 Runtime Service Writer's Guide` _ `Exception Handling Framework` _ `Firmware Design Overview` _ `Firmware Update (FWU.
  4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power, little endian 8 ppc64le Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM 64 8 aarch64 Red Hat CodeReady Linux Builder for x86_64 8 x86_64 Red Hat CodeReady Linux Builder for Power, little endian 8 ppc64le Red Hat CodeReady Linux Builder for ARM 64 8 aarch64 Fixes. BZ - 1877571 - CVE-2020-25211 kernel: Local buffer overflow in ctnetlink_parse_tuple_filter in net/netfilter/nf.

#define OTF_PORT_NAME com.nvidia.tos.74629d40-1378-4d17-94d0e0af5d861d8 Trusted memory zone is useful for anything you want to prevent softwarew access to. TMZ just provides a mechanism where only engines in trusted mode can access pages mapped as TMZ on the GPU. Copying from the encrypted to unencrypted memory on the GPU is not allowed by the hardware. Once it's encrypted, it can't be decrypted. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power, little endian 8 ppc64le Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM 64 8 aarch64 Red Hat CodeReady Linux Builder for x86_64 8 x86_64 Red Hat CodeReady Linux Builder for Power, little endian 8 ppc64le Red Hat CodeReady Linux Builder for ARM 64 8 aarch64 Fixes. BZ - 1862849 - CVE-2020-14351 kernel: performance counters race condition use-after-free BZ - 1894579 - CVE.

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Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema The Little Kernel sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema The Little Kernel in höchster Qualität description: Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. owner: last change: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 12:11:07 +000

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trusted kernel based on dependent type theory. It aims to bridge the gap between interactive and automated theorem proving, by situating automated tools and methods in a framework that supports user inter-action and the construction of fully specified axiomatic proofs. Lean is an ongoing and long-term effort, but it already provides many useful com-ponents, integrated development. 15.5. Working with trusted keys; 15.6. Working with encrypted keys; 15.7. Enabling integrity measurement architecture and extended verification module ; 15.8. Collecting file hashes with integrity measurement architecture; 15.9. Related information; 16. Using Ansible roles to permanently configure kernel parameters. 16.1. Introduction to the kernel settings role; 16.2. Applying selected kernel.

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The upper filesystem will normally be writable and if it is it must support the creation of trusted.* and/or user.* extended attributes, and must provide valid d_type in readdir responses, so NFS is not suitable. A read-only overlay of two read-only filesystems may use any filesystem type. Directories¶ Overlaying mainly involves directories. If a given name appears in both upper and lower. The problem with current Linux crash dumps is that they are constructed based on the premise that the kernel can be trusted and will in fact be operating in a normal fashion (this is particularly true with LKCD). As the Linux kernel becomes more complex, and this is true even if one eliminates the SCSI sub-system, it is very difficult to fully grasp the operation of the entire system. It is. If your distribution uses a binary kernel, you would need to sign each new kernel update before rebooting your system. If you use a self-compiled kernel, you would need to sign each kernel after building it. This approach, however, requires you to keep on top of kernel updates and sign each image. This can become arduous, especially if you use a rolling-release distribution or test mainline.

Commit c78719203fc6 (KEYS: trusted: allow trusted.ko to initialize w/o a TPM) allows the trusted module to be loaded even a TPM is not found to avoid module dependency problems. Unfortunately, this does not completely solve the issue, as there could be a case where a TPM is found but is not functional (the TPM commands return an error). Specifically, after the tpm_chip structure is returned. ELC: In-kernel switcher for big.LITTLE (February 27, 2013) LC-Asia: A big LITTLE MP update (March 6, 2013) Bind mounts. Read-only bind mounts (May 6, 2008) Mount namespaces, mount propagation, and unbindable mounts (June 15, 2016) binfmt_misc. Architecture emulation containers with binfmt_misc (March 9, 2016) BitKeeper. The kernel and BitKeeper part ways (April 6, 2005) Block layer. Laptop. > > The only set of fixes that can be trusted are the official stable > > kernels, because they are the only ones that are approved by the patches > > authors themselves. Adding more stuff on top of stable kernels is fine > > (and done at your own risk), but randomly dropping stuff from stable > > kernels just because you don't think you need that is totally non-sense > > and must not be. If you select Yes for the value of the Trusted option, any X-OTRS headers attached to an incoming message are evaluated and executed. Because the X-OTRS header can execute some actions in the ticket system, you should set the Trusted option to Yes only for known senders. X-OTRS-Headers are used by the filter module in OTRS. The X-OTRS headers are explained in this table in more detail. Any. Little About Us. Welcome To Nightmare Stresser, The Best & Most Powerful Layer 4 and Layer 7 IP Stresser IP Booter Website On The Public Market. Stop Using Free Stressers & Try Something With Real Power! Anytime Anywhere! Here at Nightmare Stresser we strive to keep 24/7 uptime for all users & our website can be used by anyone anywhere, weather it be from a computer, phone or tablet, smart tv.

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I'm the only user on this system and I have Administrator Privileges, so why am I not the 'Trusted Installer' ??? Any solution to this dilemma would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, TechnoMage . My Computer. Kyhi. Posts : 3,531. Windows 3.1 to Windows 10 New 14 Aug 2015 #2. Microsoft is the trusted installer My Computer. Mystere. Posts : 3,251. Windows 10 Pro New 14 Aug 2015 #3. First, some. Rust is one of the few modern languages that has a real chance at replacing C for kernel level stuff. Getting use in a real world environment like the Linux kernel will be good for the language, too

Other more commonplace protections like Secure Boot or hardware-backed keystores are of little value if the kernel itself is compromised at runtime. After a device boots and decrypts sensitive content, a kernel compromise can result in data leaks that directly impact an enterprise's data integrity. RKP design and structure. As part of the Knox platform's security offerings, RKP employs a. kernel常用API源码分析 225篇; linux 系统调用源码分析 9篇; linux tool 124篇; Android 入门 87篇; android 源码分析 20篇; arm-trusted-firmware 4篇; optee os 19篇; little kernel 源码分析 29篇; uefi 22篇; grub2源码分析 21篇; qemu 17篇; openstack源码分析 51篇; openstack实践 40篇; 记事本; python 25篇. kernel: net: bluetooth: information leak when processing certain AMP packets (CVE-2020-12352) kernel: metadata validator in XFS may cause an inode with a valid, user-creatable extended attribute to be flagged as corrupt (CVE-2020-14385) kernel: memory corruption in net/packet/af_packet.c leads to elevation of privilege (CVE-2020-14386) kernel: kernel: buffer over write in vgacon_scroll (CVE. Why Does BitLocker Require a TPM? RELATED: What is a TPM, and Why Does Windows Need One For Disk Encryption? BitLocker normally requires a Trusted Platform Module, or TPM, on your computer's motherboard. This chip generates and stores the actual encryption keys Developer Tutorial: Live patching Debian 10 Linux kernel with Kpatch. Live patching is a way of updating a Linux kernel without interruption. Because kernel updates don't take effect until the system is rebooted, Linux kernel live patching is most commonly used to patch severe Linux kernel vulnerabilities without rebooting servers

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  1. Those who are distant acquaintances or are unknown to you probably have a lower level of trust. It's much like the guy you see in New York City on Canal Street trying to sell new Rolex watches for $100; you should have little trust in him and his relationship with the Rolex company! In reality, the protection rings are conceptual
  2. Trusted and Encrypted Keys are two new key types added to the existing kernel key ring service. Both of these new types are variable length symmetric keys, and in both cases all keys are created in the kernel, and user space sees, stores, and loads only encrypted blobs. Trusted Keys require the availability of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip for greater security, while Encrypted Keys can.
  3. Over the last couple of years, a lot of development effort has gone into two kernel subsystems: BPF and io_uring. The BPF virtual machine allows programs from user space to be safely run within the context of the kernel, while io_uring addresses the longstanding problem of running system calls asynchronously. As the two subsystems expand, it was inevitable that the two would eventually meet.
  4. A security kernel is essentially the nucleus of a computer or network security implementation. It is the core of a secure computing environment, which can be implemented in the form of a hardware component installed in a computer or network topology, a software implementation, or a firmware system installed in a computer microchip.By whatever means, the kernel becomes the central location for.

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No2 on your list is picking the right popcorn kernels. And yes, this may sound silly to some of you, but truth be told, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with those kernels, from how they're grown to how they're packed. To help you and your family get the most out of your snacking time (both flavor- and health-wise), we rounded up the 7 best popcorn kernels on the market today. According to this The Register article from 2018-08-28 and other articles, the Linux kernel version 4.19 will have a compilation flag named RANDOM_TRUST_CPU.Here's also a link to a mailing list entry by the patch author, including the actual code changes. From what I understood, this will allow systems to speed up the boot process under some circumstances, by not waiting until enough entropy. Support for Trusted Memory Zones on AMD APUs has been merged into the linux-next tree which makes it highly likely that Linux 5.6 will have code which allows the GPU driver to encrypt shared system memory used by the graphics driver. Regular programs running on the CPU will not be able to read or write the TMZ memory areas. written by Öyvind Sæther. published 2019-01-06- last edited 2020-01. Case Study: Why You Shouldn't Trust NTDLL from Kernel Image Load Callbacks. Kasif Dekel; August 27, 2020 September 3, 2020; By Kasif Dekel and Roy Ronen. Introduction . In this post, we disclose several vulnerabilities in a security product called CryptoPro CSP, discovered during an interoperability investigation. These vulnerabilities were assigned the following CVEs: CVE-2020-9361.

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Azure confidential computing minimizes trust for the host OS kernel, the hypervisor, the VM admin, and the host admin. Reducing the attack surface. The trusted computing base (TCB) refers to all of a system's hardware, firmware, and software components that provide a secure environment. The components inside the TCB are considered critical. If one component inside the TCB is compromised, the. If you have a teeny-tiny minimal microkernel, where the kernel facilitates talking to hardware, memory management, IPC, and little else, it will have a relatively small API surface making it hard. Enable kernel debug through a different serial port; These changes will take affect after the next boot. To communicate with these serial ports, we need to expose them to the L0 host, which is the OS we will work from. We can't set hardware configuration when the guest is up, so: Shut down the guest. From Hyper-V manager, right click on the VM, click Settings, then in the left pane. Other more commonplace protections like Secure Boot or hardware-backed keystores are of little value if the kernel itself is controlled at runtime. After a device boots and decrypts sensitive content, a kernel compromise can result in data leaks that directly impact an enterprise's data integrity. RKP design and structure. As part of the Knox Platform's security offerings, RKP employs a. Description¶. Entries in the journal (as written by systemd-journald.service (8)) resemble a UNIX process environment block in syntax but with fields that may include binary data.Primarily, fields are formatted UTF-8 text strings, and binary encoding is used only where formatting as UTF-8 text strings makes little sense

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To solve these issues and fix Windows 10 kernel power 41 error, try updating all the drivers manually (specifically, sound card driver, and display drivers). Follow these steps and learn how to update drivers in Windows 10 using the Device Manager cfg80211 subsystem¶. cfg80211 is the configuration API for 802.11 devices in Linux. It bridges userspace and drivers, and offers some utility functionality associated with 802.11. cfg80211 must, directly or indirectly via mac80211, be used by all modern wireless drivers in Linux, so that they offer a consistent API through nl80211 And here's a little tip for anyone making screencasts on Big Sur: after you've approved your 3rd party recording app, you might want to go into System Preferences General tab and set the status bar to automatically hide. That's the only way you're going to be able to hide the system clock, which might otherwise give away large intervals between frames that you edit out Accepted answer is ok but doing it a little better formatted and reordered steps, added expected feedback etc. The OP has some info for VirtualBox which gives confusing errors if you don't have it. This problem essentially happens because of secure boot which does not allow kernel modules to load without being digitally signed with a trusted certificate. So we need to create a trusted key and.

A free Kepler Trust Intelligence account allows you to access premium content including the 'Kepler View' - our verdict on the trusts we cover - and historical research so you can see how our view has changed over time. An account also unlocks useful facilities like the 'follow' button which lets you keep track of the trusts you're interested in and as a logged in user you can. Outrunning Kernel Notifications: therefore simply terminating it has little interest, however a very simple workaround is to freeze its threads with the API NtSuspendProcess, disabling malware detection alerts to the user, and disrupting its real-time protection capabilities. Since this technique exploits an insecure time period at launch, a piece of malware executing early, i.e. during. There's just no incentive to accept changes from outside your own team. You can always find a reason to say no, and you have very little incentive to say yes. There's also little incentive to create changes in the first place. On linux-kernel, if you improve the performance of directory traversal by a consistent 5%, you're praised and. Join Kernel Founder, Dean, on Monday 15 February at 7pm as he dives into the basics of investing in thematic funds. He'll explain what thematic investing is, how thematic funds can fit into your portfolio and why it's important now, more than ever, to be adding innovation to your portfolio. He'll also touch on why we decided to launch two new thematic funds. ⚡ This is a short, informal. Trusted Compute. Ubuntu provides a verified boot sequence and full disk encryption with optional hardware keys. Strict confinement Pick your favorite, or use both in a product family with little overhead. Right size silicon. Start on Ubuntu and select the right silicon close to physical shipment, when your performance needs are better defined. Performance optimised. Canonical works with.

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I've talked about how vSphere has been moving towards a secure by default stance over the past few years. This can clearly be seen in the new vSphere 6.5 Security Configuration Guide where the number of hardening steps are growing smaller with every release. In this blog post we will go over another secure by default feature of vSphere 6.5 that provides hypervisor assurance. First-generation µ-kernels have a reputation for being too slow and lacking sufficient flexibility. To determine whether L4, a lean second-generation µ-kernel, has overcome these limitations, we have repeated several earlier experiments and conducted some novel ones. Moreover, we ported the Linux operating system to run on top of the L4 µ-kernel and compared the resulting system with both. using features offered by the linux kernel; support for enterprise security methods like EAP ; support for kernel asymetric key rings and trusted platform modules (TPM) support for multiple clients; Contents. 1 Installation. 1.1 Kernel; 1.2 USE flags; 1.3 Emerge; 2 Network management. 2.1 netifrc; 2.2 iwd native; 2.3 dhcpcd; 2.4 NetworkManager; 2.5 ConnMan; 3 Connecting to an access point with.

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This allows you to use the test certificate with which Visual Studio signed the driver and doesn't require the fully trusted verification chain. Open an administrator command prompt and issue the following command: bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING on and reboot. You'll get a neat little watermark in the corner to confirm your success :). Loading the driver requires one more step. Normally drivers. Linux 3.13 entlockt Multiprozessor-Systemen mehr Leistung. Es lassen sich jetzt Kernel kompilieren, die bis zu 8192 CPU-Kerne unterstützen. Zahlreiche Verbesserungen gab es beim Zufallsdaten. This kernel width is 1/8 of the range of the x axis. The general relationship between the kernel width and the localness number is: The new graph is much better. It has smoothed out the noise and we might even trust its estimate of the function's gradient. Increasing the kernel width further will cause it to over-smooth the data Debugging Arm kernels using NMI/FIQ. Daniel Thompson talks about how Linaro's work to upstream a little known tool for Android evolved into an effort, in collaboration with other contributors, to build a framework to exploit fast interrupt requests and, as a result, port a wide variety of NMI-based diagnostic techniques to Arm And if you have users on the system that you don't really trust with root access it, it breaks them as well. Referring to the theory that 'many eyes make all bugs shallow,' Linux code

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Lecture 6 | Little Trusted Languages; Equivalence Dan Grossman Fall 2012. Looking back, looking forward This is the last lecture using IMP (hooray!). Done: I Abstract syntax I Operational semantics (large-step and small-step) I Semantic properties of (sets of) programs I \Pseudo-denotational semantics Now: I Packet- lter languages and other examples I Equivalence of programs in a semantics I. Questions about Linux kernel and Linux kernel related topics eg. implementation details such as system calls, kernel customization, etc. For Linux user space topics which do not involve kernel details, [linux] or distribution tag are more suitable Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders for the Linux Kernel Adam Bates, Dave (Jing) Tian, and Kevin R.B. Butler, creates a trusted provenance-aware execution environ-ment, collecting complete whole-system provenance while imposing as little as 2.7% performance overhead onnormalsystemoperation. LPMintroducesnewmech-anisms for secure provenance layering and authenticated communication between provenance-aware hosts, and also.

Loading kernel modules that are not signed by a trusted key. Using kexec to load an unsigned kernel image. Hibernation and resume from hibernation. User-space access to physical memory and I/O ports. Module parameters that allow setting memory and I/O port addresses. Writing to MSRs through /dev/cpu/*/msr. Use of custom ACPI methods and tables. It can be disabled permanently by running: sudo. Linux kernel memory management Part 2. Fix-Mapped Addresses and ioremap. Fix-Mapped addresses are a set of special compile-time addresses whose corresponding physical addresses do not have to be a linear address minus __START_KERNEL_map.Each fix-mapped address maps one page frame and the kernel uses them as pointers that never change their address

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You only want to use time from trusted sources. An attacker may broadcast wrong time stamps. An attacker disguise as another time server. How is Authentication applied? NTP uses keys to implement authentication. These keys are used when exchanging data between two machines. As shown in Q: and Q:, one of the uses has to do with remote administration. When configuring. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time

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I'll add a blog entry explaining the SplitGate process in a little more detail to make it clearer. Usually, it is only the Kernel patch associated with the Update release which is rejuvenated after the Update, so only it will change PatchID twice in rapid succession. For example, 12510[01]-10 was obsoleted by the Solaris 10 8/07 (Update 4. I'm not very educated on Linux kernel features and this looks pretty specific to the RPi. My question is: What is all this? What is a 'diversion'? What do all these files (as a group) that are being referenced, actually do? What is 'rpikernelhack'? I did a little bit of googling and couldn't easily find anything interesting. I figure I'm not. When you are done eating the fruit part, you can easily crack open the pit with you teeth and finally eat the little kernel inside! jaga 26 Jan 2012. hello sir, can we drink cow milk durig chemotherapy or after and i ve heard drinking green tea lowers the efficiency of chemo drugs so is it safe to have green tea during chemo. and plz do reply of my querries truly appriciate it. chrisbeatcancer.

Greeting, FYI, we noticed the following commit (built with gcc-9): commit: 06ce4d6d9e2df33a4f3fdb5032b73536fb420c05 (entry: Simplify the common syscall API It is a little short notice, however the next Gentoo Bugday will focus on improving documentation around the wiki. Improvements can always be made, so as always we hope to see our community members getting involved tomorrow. Join us on Freenode IRC in #gentoo-bugday if you would like to chat or do not know where to begin. April 17, 2019: New community user wiki profile form . A community user. Do I need to install new kernel source tree from kernel.org? To be frank you do not need a new full source tree in order to just compile or build module against the running kernel i.e an exploded source tree is not required to build kernel driver or module. The instruction outlined below will benefit immensely to a developer and power user. Linux Kernel headers. This is essential because if. The Trusted Path Execution (TPE) project was ported to the Linux kernel as a Linux Securi - ty Module (LSM) to create a barrier against such security issues from occurring. This paper will attempt. By saying Y here the kernel will instrument some kernel code to extract some entropy from both original and artificially created program state. This will help especially embedded systems where there is little 'natural' source of entropy normally. The cost is some slowdown of the boot process (about 0.5%) and fork and irq processing. Mediu

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This is the most significant lesson I drew from a Kernel pilot study [1] We all have hunches about whether we are morning or night people or whether we slept a bit too little or too much the night before but these are hunches. The mind effortlessly performs approximation but is not to be trusted with the details. The most important thing I learned was that my ability to improve myself was. As an example, let's say we want to abstract the launching of GPU kernels. In my case, I want to provide simpler launch semantics in the I'll finish up with a little program that demonstrates a few things. The __global__ function Kernel is a variadic template function which just forwards its parameter pack to the function adder, which is where the really interesting use of variadic. kernel & sysctl : kernel & sysctl : kernel & sysctl : kernel & sysctl : kernel & sysctl Trusted Platform Module. TPM 1.2 support was added in Ubuntu 7.10. tpm-tools and related libraries are available in Ubuntu universe. For TPM 2.0, tpm2-tools is available in Ubuntu universe. Userspace Hardening. Many security features are available through the default compiler flags used to build. A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought, I am life from eternal life. The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of my skin, unique the smallest play of leaves in my branches and the smallest scar on my bark. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail I'm not going to post the kernels, inits and other stuff that have been incremental, because at this point (and don't get me wrong, this is not directed at you in any way) I don't trust people flashing blindly without reading. Most of the people at the Gear 2 forums are used to flash these things, and they know their way around, but there's a lot of people here that don't read and will flash.

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