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Looking For Persona 4 Naoto? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Check Out Persona 4 Naoto on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today Shop Online at Persona Official Site! Where Elegance Meets your Curves. Discover Elegant Italian Clothing and Buy Online at Persona Official Shop Before i start this let me just say I'm not discriminatiory towards anyone's gender, sex, beliefs, or transformations. I'm just lost on this cause Naoto is my second favorite Persona 4 character and I keep seeing different pronouns describing her (i.e. Him/Her/Them

Naoto Shirogane is a playable character in Persona 4. Arriving in Inaba to help investigate the murders, this fifth generation of the famed Shirogane detectives enrolls as a first-year student at Yasogami High School. 1 Appearances 2 Design 3 Personality 4 Profile 4.1 Persona 4 4.1.1 Social Link.. Concept and creation. Naoto was created for Persona 4.She is a young detective who moves to Inaba, the setting of Persona 4, to solve a serial-murder case.Due to the gendered stereotypes of detectives and institutional misogyny in law enforcement, Naoto presents as a man in order to hide her gender. In the Japanese version, Naoto uses 'boku', a typically male pronoun, while interchangeably. Naoto is a playable character in Persona 4 (part of the Persona series). Naoto is typically described using the pronoun she, but some sites have suggested Naoto is meant to be a trans man character. In most descriptions, Naoto is presented as a female character who typically wears male clothing Persona 4 Golden; Naoto's gender pronoun in the japanese text/dub (minor spoiler) User Info: bybyr. bybyr 7 months ago #1. I am using japanese voice for this game, it seems Naoto is always referred as aitsu (that person) which is gender neutral. Doesn't that mean Naoto only referred as a male in the english version and other characters (other than Kanji) are not completely oblivious about her. The most recent game, Persona 4, features a character named Naoto Shirogane with a major story arc involving gender identity as a heavy element. Some men want to watch the world burn. When you first meet Naoto Shirogane, you know them as male; everyone uses male pronouns, and nobody assumes otherwise

The notion of a feminine true self is a hazy one. The male player-protagonist of Persona 4 has the option to pursue a romantic relationship with Naoto, over the course of which he inspires her to accept her true self, while also inspiring her to take up more feminine pursuits This is when Atlus promptly fails Gender 101. The game text begins to refer to Naoto as she and her, and makes no distinction between sex and gender. Whenever there is a need to divide the characters along the lines of gender, Naoto appears with the women instead of the men Naoto Shirogane shows up in Persona 4 Golden quite a way into the game - and so getting to know her and maxing out her social link relationship can be a challenge. You'll want to do so, however. I always thought Naoto's conflict in Persona 4 was clearly said out, that she's discriminated due to the fact of being the only female in a male-dominated job and so acts and dresses like a man in order to be taken seriously. But why in recent times is she considered trans and used as the reason why Persona 4 is called transphobic? Is it because of the scene where Shadow Naoto plans to change.

How To Kill A Dream: Naoto Shirogane: Gender confused?

However, two characters, Kanji and Naoto, are struggling with concepts that are far more insular, especially in 2008 when Persona 4 was new. Kanji's whole deal is he's the game's bancho, a scary.. Another debatable video. At what point does a character become an icon for representation at the expense of their, well... character? Apparently Naoto and Ka.. In Episode 16 of Persona 4 The Animation, Shadow Naoto speaks in a more feminine tone as opposed to Naoto's masculine tone of voice. Unlike her game counterpart, Shadow Naoto was shown to have an emotional effect on Naoto. Here she successfully gets into Naoto's head to the point where the detective gets on her knees begging the shadow to stop. During their conversation, Shadow Naoto gleefully.

Dubbed the Detective Prince by Persona 4 's media outlets, Naoto is introduced before being named as a 'Slender Young Man'. After being thrown into the Midnight Channel, it is revealed that Naoto is female But again, Persona 4 let me down. After you defeat Naoto's shadow self, Naoto explains that he read many hard-boiled crime novels as a child, and admired the cool, detached detectives in them. It.. Hey guys, this is the event where all of girls taking a bath in Amagi's Inn, and this is a new scene in Persona 4 and only avaliable in Persona 4 Golden, che.. Naoto Shirogane ist ein Charakter in Persona 4 und repräsentiert ausserdem den Fortune Arcana Social Link. Sie ist eine junge Detektivin aus der Shirogane Familie, welche seit Generationen schon aus großartigen Detektiven besteht. Ihre scharfen Sinne und ihr gutes Aussehen führten zu ihrem Titel Detective Prince (dt Persona 4 shines most when examining how gender roles can be harmful to men: Yosuke learns not to feel entitled to specialness, and Kanji no longer performs toxic masculinity. Even the game's villain is a literal would-be rapist who's angry that women don't pay sufficient attention to him

Starting from October 21, First talk to Naoto, then go to Shopping District , North and find the man in a black (Near Aiya). Talk to him and pick the first choice. (You must have Maxed Knowledge). Go back to the school and find Naoto, you must have maxed courage to start the Social Link Persona 4: Golden Naoto - Fortune . This section is about the Fortune Social Link, Naoto Shirogane. You be able to see the optimal responses and what you gain after each rank. When you pursue this. AW SHIT HE'S A WHAT!? follow my stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/shenpai _ Outro pic by: https://twitter.com/sayaelnu https://www.twitch.tv/sayaelnu Intro. Persona 4 Golden; Choosing a girl! User Info: Rasolisu. Rasolisu 7 years ago #11. Naoto is a gender neural name, most in anime are guys though but girls do exist and typically shorten it to Nao. It's like Avery and such. Anyway on topic...I like them all but if I had to rank them it would be... Chie is awesome followed by Naoto, Rise and Yukiko in that order.... User Info: Chaosxmk777.

Much like Kanji, Naoto's motivations and character are left open to interpretation but, again, there aren't many games that deal with non-binary gender identities in a meaningful and sincere way; Persona 4 should be praised for that. While Persona 4 doesn't always get it right, so to speak, it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube

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